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Why does Vietnam look much more modern and developed than India?


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Baqir Rizvi

Two travellers A anrd B start from city X to city Y which are 500 miles apart.

They both leave at 6am and arrive by 4pm. They both had stops for meals, restroom, cooling off, puncture etc.

Someone who just looks at the start time and end time will conclude that they both drove at an average speed of 50mph.

Someone who observed A when B was taking breaks would say that A is faster, while someone who observed B when he was trying to make up for time lost would say that B is faster. They would both be opposed by the one who observed them when they were moving together.

I don't know much about Vietnam, but maybe it is in the faster phase of development and comparing with India without looking at overall picture is as futile as comparing the 2 drivers above by looking at their driving for 10 mins only. Besides we don't even know whether they have the same car, same number of passengers, same level of experience etc.








That's why Vietnamese is smarter than Indians. They are becoming more richer than Indians. They spend their money wisely to speed up the economical development, although there are dispute here and there too. In particular, Vietnam has been using India to get involved into the disputes where India has no disputes initially, in order to divert the dispute from Vietnam to India.



Dinh Doan, studied at Harvard School of Public Health

surely is Indian, They have a good evironment policy and they have more technical people than Vietnam. Vietnam still develop with planing  economic strategy therfore they face with many problem when they develop, ie: corruption and imballance between demand and productive, The structure of economic is not suitable and the bank system is not clear



Deepak Karunakaran

First you need to be clear as to where you went in India and where in Vietnam. You might have traveled just a couple of cities. India is a very strong economy and is extremely stable. It is because the government policy has little impact on most of the trade done by its people. The on paper analysis is unreliable because it just does not have the right statistic - as it is never collected.


Chamkan Ter

My fellow countrymen have a habit of answering every question even if they don’t have a clue. Most of the “Answers” here are Paper facts which persuaded me to answer this:

Background: In the beginning of this year, I traveled some 5000 KM from north to South of Vietnam on a motorbike and in between staying in various villages,towns, cities etc.

All the time we were comparing the economy, culture, cleanliness/dirtiness, poverty etc with India.





Some remote village house up in the north (Lang Son Province). The owner of this house gave us free shelter and food for the night. The toilet was just a big hole in the ground. Yet, the lady had an iphone 4s. Not possible in India!

北部(谅山省)一些偏僻的乡村住宅。这房子的主人给我们提供了免费食宿。厕所就是在地上挖个大洞。但这位女士有iPhone 4S,这在印度是不可能的!


Rural village roads just like India.



Small Town at Chinese Border. Notice the Suvs, these were rare sights compared to India.



Railway Station Market in Hanoi. Exactly similar to Sadar Bazar Delhi. Bit more cleaner.

The above photos shows how ,on surface, Vietnam looks similar to India.

Differences we saw and reasons I speculated :




Inequality : On Paper Gini cofficient of both the countries are similar (39-In , 37-Vn). But you don’t need a Bird’s eye to see the reality on Ground. While travelling, I hardly encountered SUVs and Sedans. Everyone is on a motorbike! While, in India walk few Kms in a city and chances are you have seen a super rich and hand to mouth Guy.

Poverty: Again Income per capita (PPP) is simillar $6400 (Vn) and $7100(In). However, I didn’t encounter a single Beggar or roadside malnourished children in Vietnam (may be there are places). Here in India, even in the so called developed state of Tamil Nadu, you can easily find Poverty on your face (hint: Meenakshi Temple).

Reason: Low level of literacy, prevalent caste system in Rural India, Big population with inadequate resources. The later is a big reason because I didn’t see beggars and hand to mouth folks in Nagaland and Meghalaya.




Rich Poor Divide : In India, it’s easy judge a person by his Personality and attire. Rickshaw puller will mostly look like a rickshaw puller. But in Vietnam, damn… the roadside girls in trendy dresses selling corn (Bhutte wali) were so beautiful. Even girls working in small village restaurant had iphones.

Reason: I chatted with couple of people in Vietnam. A common answer was big consumerism (just like america). Earn and enjoy culture. Here in India, people start saving for their children,for their grand children, for home loan etc.

Cleanliness: Every foreign traveler knows “which is the dirtiest country in the world?”. I won’t say Vietnam is cleaner, some parts were clean some were giving close competition to our cities. (Still cities of UP are truly unconquerable )

Reason: I noticed majority of Vietnamese too don’t have civic senses just like we Indians. It’s just the population in India is (especially UP,Bihar, Bengal) huge consequently so is the trash.






A clean Town in Vietnam!


Infrastructure: This part was more or less similar. Just the Civic infrastructure was better in small towns (with Proper sewerage etc). Hanoi was similar to Delhi. Old quarters was similar to Connaught Place (Just bit cleaner and less chaotic)

Reason: Again India is a democracy (somewhat flawed), so you need ‘N’ no of things before you start implementing something.

There many other difference as well like food, conservative/liberal culture etc. But I think those are not related to “modern” look!

Last thing traveling brought me out of my Nationalistic Cocoon.






Harshil Vora, Mechanical Engineer

I agree with Soumendu Majee. In addition to that If we assume your claim to be true of Vietnam performing better than India, Lets have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of staying in Vietnam instead of India.

 Lets see some advantages first:

  • Be 85.23% less likely to be unemployed. (Vietnam has an unemployment rate of 1.30% while India has 8.80%)
  • Live 5.11 years longer. (The life expectancy at birth in Vietnam is 72.91 while in India it is 67.80.)
  • Be 56.03% less likely to die in infancy. (The number of deaths of infants under one year old in a given year per 1,000 live births in Vietnam is 18.99 while in India it is 43.19.)

我同意Soumendu Majee的观点。除此之外,如果我们假定你所谓的越南比印度好,那么让我们看看越南而不是印度的优势和不足。


  • 失业率低85.23%。(越南失业率为1.30%,印度失业率为8.80%)
  • 寿命长5.11年。(越南出生预期寿命为72.91岁,印度出生预期寿命为67.80岁)。
  • 婴儿夭折率低56.03%。(在越南,每1000名活产婴儿在1岁内死亡的人数为18.99,而印度为43.19)。

Now lets see some disadvantages:

  • Use 96.99% more electricity. (The per capita consumption of electricity in India is 565kWh while in Vietnam it is 1,113kWh)
  • Spend 66.94% more money on health care. (Per capita public and private health expenditures combined in Vietnam are $102.50 USD while India spends $61.40 USD)
  • Consume 3.7% more oil ( India consumes 0.1134 gallons of oil per day per capita while Vietnam consumes 0.1176 )
  • Be 33.33% more likely to have HIV/AIDS. (The percentage of adults living with HIV/AIDS in Vietnam is 0.40% while in India it is 0.30%.)
  • Experience 2.17% more of a class divide. ( The degree of inequality in the distribution of family income. In Vietnam it is 37.60 while in India it is 36.80.)


  • 耗电量多96.99%。(印度的人均用电量为565kWh,而越南的电耗为1113kWh)。
  • 医疗保健花费多66.94%。(越南人均公共和私人卫生支出合计为102.50美元,印度为61.40美元)
  • 多消耗3.7%的石油(印度每天人均消耗0.1134加仑的石油,而越南每天消耗0.1176加仑的石油)
  • 感染艾滋病毒/艾滋病的人数多33.33%。(越南艾滋病病毒感染者的比例为0.40%,印度为0.30%。)
  • 等级划分程度高2.17%。(家庭收入分配的不平等程度。在越南是37.60,而在印度则是36.80。)

And one neutral point would be:

  • Make the same amount of money! ( The GDP per capita in Vietnam is $4,000 while in India it is $4,000)

The disadvantages don't seem much relevant on per day basis. But going by 5 or 10 year plan or more, It does produce more concern on society, environment and standard of living!


  • 赚同样的钱!(越南人均GDP为4000美元,印度人均GDP也为4000美元)



Vaibhav Khairnar, studies at Savitribai Phule Pune University (2019)

No, vietnam is not more modern or developed than india.

And Its unfair comparison. Bcoz

How can You compare

1250 million against 90 million?

33 lakh sq km against 3 lakh square km??

  1. 3 trillion $ against 195 billion $ ??

And if u still want to compare and say vietnam is more developed then:





i)india has 450 million people living in middle class and above which is FIVE times vietnam, their avg life is far better than avg vietnamese.can you compare??

ii)indias space technology ISRO (first asian and only the second after NASA to reach mars) against vietnams space technology. Can you compare??

iii)indias IT technology,business hubs, innovations,manufacturing, big MNCs, startups Against vietnams. Can you compare???

iv)indias military, economy, political influence, logistics, bollywood, media, sports, science and technology, airports,institutions etc etc…compare this with vietnam??

v)narendra modi(9 th most powerful person on the planet according to forbes 2015) against xuan phuc

vi)At last, indias global muscle power against vietnams…. can you compare??







Leave aside india, lets compare vietnam with mumbai.

Vietnam gdp =195 Billion $(2015)

Vietnam gdp growth rate= 5. 4%

Mumbai gdp=278 billion $(2014)

Mumbai gdp growth rate=6. 2 %

So, i dont know how vietnam is more developed, when Mumbai alone has bigger and faster growing gdp than vietnam.

Look Both the countries are developing nations, i know vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies, it is also very important and prominent nation in south East Asia and a great strategic partner of india.

india has got its problems which should be fixed and maybe vietnam being a small country compared to india is a bit developed in rural areas(which i seriously doubt) .. also i dont know which part of india u visited but regardless of that India is just too big to compare with vietnam.

So ur question is completely wrong or i guess U are just trolling.











Robert Charles Lee, Printbroker, financial printer, ex-lawyer

I think Vietnam seems to be doing better than India mainly because most projects don't seem to run into the kind of deadweight inertia of bureaucracy that characterise or typify India. So projects in Vietnam seem to move along relatively quicker there than the similar in India.

The way I understand it, the statistics are still in India's favour overall. Then again, those statistics may be a little misleading too. Notwithstanding the technical definitions, India has never had a closed economy (even though it might not necessarily have an 'open' one from time to time). India has always traded with the rest of the world, problematic it may have been from time to time in the past.

By contrast, Vietnam was closed off practically completely from 1975 until actual economic liberalisation came in the mid-1990s and really got moving in the early 2000s.

But like the others have highlighted, Vietnam is a rather homogeneous society and has a centralised way of governance, both of which helps considerably. India is a highly heterogeneous society by history and culture and the state is nowhere as centralised as it bills itself, so India has a much steeper uphill to get things done.

So far, that's the picture that appears to me about both countries. So far, both countries are trying to do the right thing and move in the right direction.







Peter Topping, ASEAN nerd, Indonesia fan and Myanmar watcher with Vietnamese neighbours.

It is not a fare comparison to make, Vietnam is only 90 million peoples, it is much more historically, culturally and social integrated as a society, it has a tightly controlled command economy that is very very good at getting things done, it has a highly motivated work force and peripheral experience of the China manufacturer ing supply chain, the leadership has well defined national development goals and the means to deliver them.

India is a new nation created from the British Raj of over a billion people, in a democratic federal system with weak central Government, more than 100 languages and 250 dialects with no integrated infrastructure and a whole sub continent to contend with.



Totally differen scenarios. How ever I would say while Vietnam has been incredibly dynamic and focused since 1996 India has not. The decades 1979 to 1999 were wasted opportunities for India compared to China and ASEAN,now she is begining to pick up her game but it will be hard, look at Modi struggles to pass a basic sales tax, India needs national and state based nationally looking infrastructure urgently.

So Vietnam has one major back bone highway, one major rail route,one national telco,one main airline, one main language, two principal cities,5 —7 regional centres, a national education system, one police, customs and civil service, one set of laws, one set of holidays, one main and 2 more minor religions but India has that in every state.




Trọng Đạt, works at Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam look much more modern and developed ??

  • First, that is Vietnam ‘s normal development appearance, Vietnamese working hard to get that achievement . It’s not fake “Look like” for you to watch, If you go to Vietnam, you will see that truth of Development of Vietnam
  • After 20 year trade embargo from US ( ended in 1995) , Vietnamese working hard to catching up others Asia nations , we know that we live in shorter peace than them, we’re unlucky nation, So we must be hard working more & more
  • Vietnam’s development you can see through the North , Middle to South: Hanoi, HCM city, Danang, Nhatrang, Vungtau, Halong, Vinh, Haiphong wih ton of Skyline and construction here, we also have ton of famous Tourist Cities like Hoian, Sapa, Dalat, PhuQuoc island , Halong, Muine, bomb Construction & building,


  • 第一,这是越南的正常发展面貌,越南人努力工作才取得了这一成就。“看起来像”并不是假象,如果你真的去到越南,你就会看到越南发展的真相。
  • 经过美国20年的贸易禁运(1995年结束),越南人努力追赶其他亚洲国家,我们知道我们的和平时期比他们短,我们是不幸的国家,所以我们必须更加努力工作。
  • 越南的发展你可以从北、中到南都看到:河内、HCM城、大浪、芽庄、头顿、夏朗、荣市、海防,这里有数以吨计的天际线和建筑,我们还有一众著名旅游城市,如会安、沙帕、达拉、佩特岛、夏朗等等。

Vietnam development through the country, de-central economics, So Vietnam ‘s development totally different with Asia nation like Thailand, Malaysia, Phillpin, or Indoensia who only focus in their Capital cities

That why Vietnam “modern and development” will spread to all Vietnamese in every provinces and cities

  • Vietnam economics focus on all people can get the rich, all people can do business, free capitalism everywhere , Ton of Viet Tycoon, Rich people rising, especial Vietnamese Middle income rising fast in the world

your question truly considered that Vietnam development is Fake so you put “look like “ words in your sentences?



  • 越南经济模式的重点是,人人都能致富,人人都能做生意,自由资本主义无处不在,越南大亨众多,富人越来越多,越南中等收入人群在世界范围内迅速增多。



Shumayel Liton

It's a matter of priorities.

-India is far too obsessed about its defence equipment. It is currently the biggest importer of of defence weaponry in the world.

-It is currently engaged in a high intensity spy op in Pakistan thru Balochistan, and needs to spend a lot of money which goes unaccounted for.

-India has strong caste and creed system with people like scheduled classes. These people, dalits, will over time, 1000 year laters be still scheduled classes, since in hindu religion, a dalit cannot be equal to a brahmin or any higher caste in terms of status and money brings you status and standard.

-India has too much population. It is growing at the fastest rate in the world and india cannot uplift these people. China has done that through population control but india is not willing to do that since it will not work in india and also that hindus in india feel threatened by growing muslim population.

-india has most poverty in the world which contributes to bringing down the per capita considerably, although educated people might earn normally.

Chances are that india despite its growth will never be able to really perform as a developed country because of its inherent hodge podge of religions, castes, creeds, nations living there. And poverty will continue to grow and people will earn less and less since population is exploding at alarming rate.









Megha, Travel junkie, adventure lover, Senior Writer with Holidayme.com

Depends on what context you're asking - economically, from a travel perspective, culturally, etc.

From a culture and travel point of view, it is almost difficult to compare the two. Both India and Vietnam are countries blessed with stunning landscapes, sheer natural beauty, best of cuisines (maybe India takes a slight lead on this one), rich culture, beautiful cities, local traditional villages, rich heritage, and so much more!

Economically, India stands at a much better place than Vietnam. India is a booking IT hub, and is technologically nearly at par with the most developed countries of the world. India is way more industrialized than Vietnam. Also, Vietnam comes no where close to India when it comes to military might and overall clout in Asia.







Vietnam is more richer than India.

Vietnam is smarter than India.

Vietnam is able to focus more on economical development than India.

Vietnam can invite India to against China, and more focused on economical development.







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